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Save Money on Electricity

Make the switch to solar energy today. It’s easier than you imagine. If you have access to a power grid, solar panels are a great investment that will save you money and trim your carbon footprint. Easy to install, our systems allow you to convert sunlight into direct current, or DC power, that your system converts into alternating current, or AC power, your home can actually use! Any power you don’t use gets sent back to the electric grid for a credit on your electric bill. Let Heaven Solar help harness real savings.

High Quality Installation

Heaven Solar prides itself on providing superior customer service and speedy, high quality installation. We offer turnkey solutions that allow you to rest assured that everything is taken care of. We sell, design and install solar systems in-house. We even pull the permits and research local codes so you can rest easy. Our engineers can help you design any system, large or small. We take pride in the aesthetics of our work and offer black on black and interior conduits.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We offer competitive pricing while maintaining a high standard of service and quality. We run on time and on budget. Our team services all jobs themselves and does not contract work, so when you call Heaven Solar for the job, Heaven Solar is who you get, unlike some of our competitors.

We Love Referrals

Heaven Solar states is committed to helping its customers convert to clean energy and wants you to help your friends and family take advantage of the power of solar energy and save money on utility bills by converting to renewable energy. Heaven Solar offers customers a $250 thank you for each referral that ends in Heaven Solar installing a solar energy system.

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